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Drones: Death from above?

Following a series of recent mid-air close calls, Philip Mason explores whether drones could be a viable way for hostile agents to attack the UK's critical national infrastructure

Drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – have recently been in the headlines for the wrong reasons, ...

The shock of the new

Head of business radio for the Federation of Communication Services, Tim Cull speaks to Philip Mason about the threats and opportunities facing the industry in an increasingly data-aware business communications landscape

For anyone with a background in the UK business comms sector, there ...

Laying smart foundations

Smart cities may be the future, but that doesn't mean that they will appear without a great deal of thought and no small amount of hard work. Richard Martin looks at their potential benefits and the obstacles still in their way

Smart city projects that typically look to use the Internet ...

In the market for... shared radio networks

Many businesses need two-way radio, but sometimes buying your own system isn’t feasible. So how do you ensure that a network operator has your best interests at heart? Vaughan O’Grady investigates

Two-way radio offers organisations many advantages: one-to-many communication, short call ...

UK police comms: In with the new...

Philip Mason looks at some of the public safety mobile working projects taking place ahead of the Emergency Services Network rollout

The UK’s TETRA-based public safety digital communications system Airwave is being replaced with a new LTE-enabled solution in the shape of the burgeoning ...

Taxis: Giving tech a fare crack

With high-tech platforms like Uber on the rise, business as usual is no longer an option for the taxi industry. Sam Fenwick hears how it’s fighting back

The next time you hail or book a taxi give some thought to the complex dance taking place between call handlers, drivers and data ...

Two-way comms for hotels: matching devices to user requirements

Satisfying hotel guests’ requirements is impossible without perfect co-ordination between staff. This can’t happen without good wireless comms. Simon Creasey looks at the options for hoteliers

For hotel operators two-way radios and pagers are a godsend. Hoteliers typically employ vast ...

Let there be LiFi

Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi, a company leading the way in the development of light as a wireless technology, talks to Sam Fenwick about the technology’s potential applications

Light is everywhere in the modern era – we have turned night into day and live at a frantic pace compared ...

5G at Mobile World Congress

5G at Mobile World Congress

Sam Fenwick looks back at the highlights from this year’s Mobile World Congress, with a focus on 5G, both in terms of the technology and the challenges surrounding its deploymentMobile World Congress (MWC) continues to be a monster of a show. With 108,000 ...

Andrew Gill: leading by serving

Andrew Gill became managing director of Tait's EMEA business in February. Sam Fenwick finds out how he's settling into the role and his priorities for the years to come

Andrew Gill has worked for Motorola for almost exactly 20 years, starting his time there in the "boom years of rolling ...

In the market for... small cells

The commercial need for in-building cellular coverage is driving businesses to invest in small cells. But with an industry in flux is now the right time to do so? Sam Fenwick investigates

The quest for cellular signal can often be a frustrating one, especially in big cities. The new ...

That'll teach them

Philip Mason learns how innovative use of communications solutions is helping educational establishments secure staff and student safety

The public education sector in the United Kingdom is under huge financial pressures, linked – as with the NHS, emergency services and so on – to ...

Talking shop: wireless for retail

The hard-fought battle to keep the nation shopping on the high street and not from the sofa is ongoing. Sam Fenwick explores the technology retailers can use to gain the advantage

Our nation’s high streets are suffering. You’d be hard-pressed to find one anywhere without a couple of ...

The final data frontier

Low orbiting high-throughput satellites might help make connectivity available to everyone, but do they also pose a threat to MNOs’ dominance? James Hayes studies the heavens

Before the end of this decade newly-launched fleets of ‘routers in space’ circling the globe in low earth orbit ...

Multi-beam antennas: Delivering the capacity hot spots demand

Peter Jackson, chief marketing officer at Communication Components Inc (CCI), discusses the benefits multi-beam antennas can bring to mobile network operators seeking to increase capacity and quality of service.

In an age of smart phones, wireless data usage has truly exploded. For ...

Welsh Slate: quarrying in safety thanks to two-way radio

A rented radio system helps to ensure safe and productive operation of a quarry in North Wales. Richard Lambley investigates

A sharp left turn off the main road, an awkward zigzag as we pass under a railway bridge, and we’re on a narrow lane bordered by dry stone walls, heading steadily ...

Improving security with wireless technology: Better safe than sorry

Philip Mason examines how the security industry is using cutting-edge wireless technology to protect life and property in a world of constantly evolving threats

The security sector has been the beneficiary of technological advances While still very much in its infancy, the Internet of ...

Staying legal, staying safe

The march of progress has made buying and using two-way radios easier. However, as Piers Bedford and Sam Fenwick discover, there’s still much that buyers need to know to ensure they are purchasing safe and legally compliant equipment

We are all used to picking up our mobile phones and ...

In the market for... rugged smartphones

Choosing the right smartphone is fairly straightforward, but what do you need to know about purchasing their rugged counterparts? Simon Creasey has all the answers

Rugged smartphone users are a demanding bunch. First there are their ‘must-have’ requirements – phones must be waterproof, ...

Ofcom to pursue legal separation of Openreach from BT

Ofcom has announced that it is proceeding with a formal notification to require the legal separation of Openreach, the BT subsidiary that manages the UK’s copper and fibre networks from BT.

In a statement, the regulator said that: “We are disappointed that BT has not yet come forward ...

Ofcom spectrum cap rules out BT/EE bids

Communications regulator Ofcom has announced that BT/EE will not be able to bid in the 2.3 GHz band in its auction of 190 MHz of 4G mobile spectrum, taking place next year.

This is due the organisation’s imposition of a cap of 255 MHz on ‘immediately useable’ spectrum that can be bought ...

MPs raise concerns over ESN contingency plans

Witnesses from the Home Office, EE and Motorola Solutions were questioned by MPs earlier this month on the progress of the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme, and the deployment of the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

The ESN will replace the Airwave TETRA communication ...

Kenwood's NX-5000 series now supports DMR, together with NXDN and P25

Kenwood has added DMR (digital mobile radio) support and compatibility to its NEXEDGE (NX)-5000 series of portable and mobile radios. The NX-5000 series is now compatible with three different digital protocols: NXDN, DMR (Tier II conventional mode) and P25 – Phase 1 and Phase 2 (trunked).

GSMA makes 5G spectrum plea

The GSMA has called on governments and regulators to commit to supporting 5G in the lead-up to 2019’s World Radiocommunication Conference.

This commitment, according to the organisation, should include a harmonised approach and agreement of a common set of bands, due to the large amounts ...
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